At CEUCafe, you have 3 options for earning CE.

1. Choose any book, journal article, or audio/visual material that is relevant to your learning objectives and scope of practice. Respond to a few simple, online essay questions, and your certificate will be available as soon as we review your answers (usually on the same day you complete your post-test). The cost per hour of CE credit is $8.00, and is calculated per .25-hour increment. A minimum of one CE hour is required per self-selected course.

2. Select from our menu of CEUCafe courses, including Law & Ethics, and Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting.

3. Choose a course based on a preselected book. We have developed post tests that are based on a number of books that are relevant to mental health practitioners. Read the book, and then take the online multiple choice post test. You can find these, and other titles of interest, from various booksellers, the library, or even in your own book collection.


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